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Meet the Beatles

The start of what is now joeysrockinvinyl.com started many years ago. In 1964 I purchased my first record. The Beatles, Meet the Beatles in 1964. Beatlemania took over the country and I watched it all happen. I grew up in a house with two older sisters and a Mom who loved to listen to music. I have been collecting records since then. What a great time for music it was. Every type of music was going on. There was Motown, Doo Wop, The Rat Pack, Elvis, The British Invasion, Jazz, Singer Songwriters, Dylan, Rhythm and Blues, Country, Vocalists, Rock and Roll, San Francisco Psychedelic, and Soul Artists. 49 years from the start of my collecting it is time for us to share all of our pre loved music with everyone. Now is the time to share that special sound of analog music with the world. There is no better sound.  



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